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Leadership Creativity

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

How is it that great leaders always seem to know what to do when others are at a loss?

How is it that great leaders always seem to know what to do? Or, how is it when they make a mistake they seem to recover so quickly? I find that the more I seek to lead well, the more I experience leadership as a regular, creative problem-solving process. The greater the responsibility of leadership, the greater the challenge of finding creative solutions. As a result, often the pressure to deliver time and again will sink leaders. Is our leadership potential capped by our own creative problem-solving limitations? I don’t believe it has to be. Instead,

“Leadership problem solving is having the humility to listen to others' creative solutions.”

Let it sink in. You don’t have to have all the solutions, you just have to know where to go looking for them. Great leaders have learned the art of listening well, the benefit of checking their egos at the door, and have honed a sense of discernment to pick out good solutions. Leaders by definition have people following them. Those following are intelligent, creative, knowledgeable and often more in tune with the challenges we are facing. Don’t let an inability to “do it yourself” be the lid of your leadership potential. Leading your family, church, team, project or neighborhood association all take creative problem solving. The solutions may already be there if we are willing to ask questions and then shut up and humbly listen!

Reflect: Do I lead those in my family, work environment or small group in a way that creates a safe place for people to share? Do I think as much about good questions to ask others as I do my solutions?

Reflect: Am I humble enough to acknowledge the need for others? Am I quick to give credit where it is due?


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