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Clear language. Simple directions. Direct writing. There are few things more valuable in leadership than clarity. Just say it as it is. Yet, it seems everything drifts towards complexity with a gravity-like persistence. To fight back, here are a few thoughts on leadership:

Clear Problem Definition is Half the Solution.

Before aiming at solutions do you know the problem? Really? Define it, really nail it down. Can you write it simply? Is that really it? We may find the actual problem is quite different or at times we will find there was no problem at all. If there is a real problem, then our effort is not wasted. By taking the time to articulate the problem in a concise and precise manner we not only enhance our understanding but also set the stage for effective problem-solving.

When You Don't Have to Make a Decision, Then Don't Make a Decision.

Do not rush. You can nearly always wait. See what clarity comes before locking in with a decision. It is easier to make a decision closer to the deadline then to deal with the complications of adjustments or reversals.

Know the difference between a tension to be managed versus a problem to be solved.

Sometimes clarity is pointing in a direction, not a solution within a mess. In my world, an example is worship music in church. You do not solve music choice by digging. Instead, you wisely manage the tension by leading through it with vision. Clarity in this instance is not solving the problem but recognizing a tension to manage. Deal with issues when they pop up, but don’t lose sleep knowing it is a tension that will remain.

Clarity comes with movement.

Words matter and should not be ignored. Whoever paints the clearest picture of the future and provides the clearest instruction on how to get there will ultimately be viewed as the leader. However, if it remains talk no one will stick around. Start moving, further clarity comes as people experience and begin to see where you are going.

Confusion and problems are not he enemies of leadership. They are the soil leadership is grown in. Solving problems and bringing clarity is needed more than ever.


Q. Where in your life is clarity needed most right now? Can you write in a single sentence the problem to solve? Is it a problem to solve or a tension to manage?


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