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31-Day Proverbs Challenge

Following Jesus is incredibly personal, but it was never meant to be done alone. Jesus is honored by our intentional pursuit of Him within community. I often hear people desiring to “go deeper”. What if instead of wishing, you did? What if for the next month, you put the intentional effort in to start, focus, push farther, or simply reset spiritually? Let’s get after it. Often our internal commitment can lack external results simply for lack of a team.

Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm. Proverbs 13:20

Who are you walking with intentionally? What is your plan? Here is a short checklist and one-month plan that might be just what is needed for this season of life. Invite some other people in and see what God does! You may be surprised by how eager others are to join you. No need to overcomplicate this. Here is a basic plan to get rolling:


  • Invite two or more people to join you. Set up the text group. (Consider your small group as a starting point.)

  • Be clear about what you are asking. Give permission for them to say no.

  • Tell them why you are inviting them. Your honesty will likely set up a great month for everyone.

  • Consider starting on the first of the month to allow for lining up your daily proverb with the day of the month.


  • Daily reading of one chapter from Proverbs.

  • Daily pray for the application of that Proverb and for each one in the group.

  • Daily text a thought, verse, or prayer out to the group.

  • Weekly worship together at church.

  • Weekly choose a single day the group will all fast. (Here is why: Fasting is all about controlling our desires. Fast, avoid eating any food, and only allow water. When we choose to willfully overpower a desire for something we need (like food), we’re more capable of controlling our willpower over something we only want. Especially in those moments of fasting, we can realize just how much our hunger is Spiritual. When we satisfy our spiritual needs in focused connection with God through prayer, we can better tell the difference between our physical hunger and spiritual hunger. This reminds us weekly that our walk with Jesus is not disconnected from the reality of our world. Physical and spiritual realities are interrelated.)


  • Spend time daily in prayer and reading. Each day will probably vary in length.

  • Lean into the group. Text something every day. Don’t try to impress, but just stay connected.

  • Aim for consistency over length. Each day your reading and prayer time will vary.

  • Stretch yourself. Some days try journaling your reflections and prayers. Try memorizing a verse that really speaks to you.

When the month is up, thank the group. Celebrate! You completed a milestone, praise Jesus! Now, continue to find ways to walk wisely with those who will encourage your walk with Jesus. Consider inviting another group of people. Maybe the same group, but you pick another book. Have fun! Continue to find ways in every season of life to intentionally walk with the wise and become wise.


Q. Who could I invite to join me for a month? What is keeping me from doing this?

Q. What other book of the bible might I do the same thing with?


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